how to get electric claw in blox fruits
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How to Get Electric Claw in Blox Fruits

If you are an avid player of Blox Fruits, you might be on the lookout for powerful weapons to enhance your gameplay. One such weapon that has gained immense popularity among players is the Electric Claw. This electrifying weapon can deal massive damage to your opponents, making it a valuable asset in battles. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps on how to get the Electric Claw in Blox Fruits.

What is Blox Fruits?

Before we dive into the specifics of obtaining the Electric Claw, let's have a brief overview of Blox Fruits. Blox Fruits is a popular Roblox game where players can explore islands, fight formidable enemies, and discover hidden treasures. The game offers a wide range of weapons and abilities that players can acquire to strengthen their characters and improve their chances of success.

Step 1: Level Up Your Character

To have a chance at obtaining the Electric Claw, you need to level up your character. This can be done by engaging in battles, defeating enemies, and completing quests. As you progress through the game and gain experience points, your character's level will increase, unlocking new abilities and weapons.

Step 2: Explore the Sky Island

The Electric Claw can only be found on the Sky Island in Blox Fruits. This mystical island floats high above the clouds, and it is teeming with powerful enemies and valuable treasures. To access the Sky Island, you must first locate the Sky Island Portal, which randomly spawns on different islands. Keep an eye out for the portal while exploring and interact with it to be transported to the Sky Island.

Step 3: Defeat the Thunder Boss

Once you arrive on the Sky Island, your ultimate goal is to defeat the Thunder Boss. This formidable enemy guards the Electric Claw and will put your skills to the test. Prepare yourself for a challenging battle and make sure you are well-equipped with powerful weapons and abilities. It is recommended to team up with other players to increase your chances of success.

Step 4: Claim the Electric Claw

If you manage to defeat the Thunder Boss, congratulations! You have completed the most challenging part. Now, it's time to claim your well-deserved Electric Claw. The Electric Claw will be dropped by the Thunder Boss upon its defeat, and you can pick it up to add it to your inventory. Make sure to equip it to unleash its electrifying power in your future battles.


Q: Can I trade the Electric Claw with other players?

A: Yes, you can trade the Electric Claw with other players if both parties agree to the trade. However, keep in mind that the Electric Claw is a highly sought-after weapon, so be cautious when negotiating trades.

Q: Are there any alternative methods to obtain the Electric Claw?

A: No, currently, the only way to obtain the Electric Claw is by defeating the Thunder Boss on the Sky Island.


The Electric Claw is a powerful weapon in Blox Fruits that can significantly enhance your gameplay. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can increase your chances of obtaining the Electric Claw and add it to your arsenal. Remember to level up your character, explore the Sky Island, defeat the Thunder Boss, and claim your prize. Good luck on your quest to acquire the Electric Claw and may it bring you victory in your future battles!

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