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Welcome to this guide on how to buster farm with Arjuna Alter in the popular mobile game, Fate/Grand Order. Arjuna Alter is a powerful servant known for his incredible damage output and buster-centric playstyle. In this article, we will explore various strategies, team compositions, and tips to maximize your farming efficiency with Arjuna Alter.

Why Choose Arjuna Alter for Farming?

Arjuna Alter is a top-tier servant when it comes to farming due to his exceptional buster damage and versatile skillset. Here are a few reasons why you should consider using Arjuna Alter for your farming needs:

  • High Buster Damage: Arjuna Alter possesses one of the highest buster damage potentials in the game, allowing him to clear waves of enemies swiftly.
  • NP Gain: Arjuna Alter's Noble Phantasm, "Stella," provides him with a significant NP gain boost, allowing him to unleash devastating AoE damage repeatedly.
  • Survivability: With his second skill, "Vijaya," Arjuna Alter gains a substantial defense boost, reducing the damage he takes and enhancing his longevity in battles.

Team Compositions for Buster Farming

Building an effective team composition is crucial for maximizing Arjuna Alter's potential in farming scenarios. Here are a few team compositions that work well with Arjuna Alter:

Arts Support Composition

Arts support compositions focus on providing Arjuna Alter with additional NP gain and arts chains to unleash his Noble Phantasm more frequently. This composition typically includes servants like:

  • Tamamo no Mae: Tamamo's skills and NP provide Arjuna Alter with increased NP gain, cooldown reduction, and healing, allowing him to fire off his Noble Phantasm more frequently.
  • Waver: Waver's skills offer NP charge, critical damage boost, and defense debuffs, further enhancing Arjuna Alter's damage potential.
  • Merlin: Merlin's skills provide NP charge, buster performance boost, and healing, making Arjuna Alter hit even harder and sustain himself in longer battles.

Quick Support Composition

Quick support compositions focus on generating critical stars and providing Arjuna Alter with additional critical damage. This composition typically includes servants like:

  • Skadi: Skadi's skills offer quick card performance boost, critical damage boost, and NP charge, enhancing Arjuna Alter's critical damage potential.
  • Okita Souji: Okita Souji's skills provide quick card performance boost, critical star generation, and critical damage boost, making Arjuna Alter hit hard with critical hits.
  • Atalanta: Atalanta's skills offer critical star generation, quick card performance boost, and NP charge, further enhancing Arjuna Alter's critical damage potential.

Strategies for Buster Farming with Arjuna Alter

To optimize your buster farming efficiency with Arjuna Alter, consider the following strategies:

1. Starting NP Gauge CE

Equip Arjuna Alter with a Craft Essence (CE) that provides a starting NP gauge boost. This allows him to unleash his Noble Phantasm right at the beginning of the battle, wiping out the first wave of enemies swiftly.

2. Card Selection

When choosing cards for Arjuna Alter's command chain, prioritize buster cards to maximize his damage output. Look for opportunities to create buster chains, as they provide additional damage multipliers.

3. Skill Management

Strategically use Arjuna Alter's skills to optimize his damage potential and survivability. Activate his second skill, "Vijaya," when facing tougher enemies to minimize incoming damage.

4. Noble Phantasm Looping

With the help of support servants and CEs that boost NP gain, aim to loop Arjuna Alter's Noble Phantasm multiple times within a single battle. This can be achieved by strategically timing NP charges and arts chains.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How does Arjuna Alter compare to other buster-centric servants for farming?

Arjuna Alter stands out among other buster-centric servants due to his incredibly high damage potential and NP gain. His versatility and survivability also make him an excellent choice for farming.

Q: Are there any specific CEs that work well with Arjuna Alter for farming?

Yes, CEs like "Kaleidoscope" and "Golden Sumo: Boulder Tournament" are excellent choices as they provide starting NP gauge boosts, allowing Arjuna Alter to unleash his Noble Phantasm right away.

Q: Can Arjuna Alter be used for challenging content as well?

Absolutely! While Arjuna Alter excels in farming scenarios, his high damage output and survivability make him a formidable servant for challenging content, including boss battles and difficult quests.


Arjuna Alter is a fantastic servant for buster farming in Fate/Grand Order. With his immense buster damage, NP gain, and survivability, he can efficiently clear waves of enemies and optimize your farming efficiency. Experiment with different team compositions, strategies, and CEs to find the setup that suits your playstyle best. So, go forth and unleash the power of Arjuna Alter in your farming adventures!

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