how do evolutions work in pokemon infinite fusion
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How Do Evolutions Work in Pokemon Infinite Fusion?

Pokemon Infinite Fusion is a popular fan-made game that combines the elements of Pokemon and Fusion, allowing players to create unique and powerful Pokemon by merging two different species. Evolutions play a crucial role in this game, determining the growth and strength of your Pokemon. In this article, we will explore how evolutions work in Pokemon Infinite Fusion and provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the process.

Understanding the Basics of Pokemon Infinite Fusion

Pokemon Infinite Fusion introduces a new concept of fusion, where two Pokemon species can be merged to create a brand-new Pokemon with combined abilities, types, and appearances. These fusions can be created using the Fusion Machine, which is an essential tool in the game.

1. Fusion Machine

The Fusion Machine is a device that allows players to merge two Pokemon species together to create a fusion. It can be found in various locations throughout the game and requires certain items or conditions to operate. To use the Fusion Machine, you need to have two compatible Pokemon species and place them into the machine.

2. Compatibility

Not all Pokemon species can be fused together. Compatibility between two species depends on various factors, such as their types, size, and abilities. It is important to choose Pokemon that have similarities and synergies to create a successful fusion. Experimentation is key to finding the perfect fusion combinations.

3. Fusion Result

Once the two Pokemon species are fused together using the Fusion Machine, a brand-new Pokemon is created. This fusion inherits traits from both parent Pokemon, including their types, moves, and abilities. The resulting Pokemon can be stronger and more versatile than its individual counterparts.

The Evolution Process in Pokemon Infinite Fusion

Evolution in Pokemon Infinite Fusion works differently compared to the traditional Pokemon games. Instead of leveling up a Pokemon to trigger evolution, fusions undergo a unique evolution process that enhances their power and unlocks new abilities.

1. Leveling Up

Similar to traditional Pokemon games, leveling up is still a significant factor in the evolution process. As your fused Pokemon gain experience and level up, they become stronger and unlock new abilities. However, leveling up alone is not enough to trigger evolution in Pokemon Infinite Fusion.

2. Fusion Mastery

Fusion Mastery is a concept introduced in Pokemon Infinite Fusion that determines the evolution of fused Pokemon. Fusion Mastery represents the bond and synchronization between the two fused species. The higher the Fusion Mastery level, the stronger the fusion becomes.

3. Fusion Mastery Points

Fusion Mastery Points (FMP) are earned through battles, training, and other in-game activities. These points can be used to increase the Fusion Mastery level of your fused Pokemon. As the Fusion Mastery level increases, the fused Pokemon will evolve and unlock new forms, abilities, and moves.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can a fused Pokemon evolve multiple times?

A: Yes, a fused Pokemon can evolve multiple times by increasing its Fusion Mastery level. Each evolution unlocks new forms, abilities, and moves, making the fused Pokemon even more powerful.

Q: Are there any limitations to fusion evolutions?

A: While fusion evolutions offer exciting possibilities, there are certain limitations. Some Pokemon species may have restrictions on fusion combinations, and not all fusions will result in successful evolutions. It is important to experiment and find compatible fusion combinations.

Q: Can I de-fuse a fused Pokemon after evolution?

A: No, once a fused Pokemon evolves, the fusion becomes permanent. It is not possible to de-fuse a fused Pokemon and revert it back to its original forms. Therefore, it is crucial to carefully choose fusion combinations and consider the long-term implications.


Pokemon Infinite Fusion provides a unique and exciting twist to the traditional Pokemon games by introducing fusion as a key element. Evolutions in this game are triggered through a combination of leveling up and increasing Fusion Mastery level. By experimenting with fusion combinations and earning Fusion Mastery Points, players can unlock the full potential of their fused Pokemon. Remember to strategize and choose compatible fusion combinations to create powerful and versatile Pokemon in Pokemon Infinite Fusion!

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