how many korok seeds in tears of the kingdom
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How Many Korok Seeds in Tears of the Kingdom?

When playing the popular action-adventure game "Tears of the Kingdom," one of the main objectives for players is to find and collect Korok seeds. These seeds serve as a form of currency within the game, allowing players to unlock various upgrades and enhancements. However, the question that often arises is, how many Korok seeds are there in "Tears of the Kingdom"? Let's dive into the details and explore the answer to this intriguing question.

The Role of Korok Seeds

Before we delve into the exact number of Korok seeds in "Tears of the Kingdom," it's important to understand their significance within the game. Korok seeds are hidden throughout the vast open world of the game, often requiring players to solve puzzles, complete challenges, or explore hidden areas to discover them.

Once collected, players can trade these seeds with Hestu, a friendly character who can be found in various locations. Hestu offers a variety of upgrades, including expanding players' inventory capacity for weapons, shields, and bows. These upgrades are essential for progressing through the game and facing increasingly challenging enemies and obstacles.

Counting the Korok Seeds

Now, let's get to the heart of the matter – the exact number of Korok seeds in "Tears of the Kingdom." The game designers have truly outdone themselves, as there is an astonishing total of 900 Korok seeds scattered throughout the game world. This vast number ensures that players have plenty of opportunities to explore, discover, and collect these valuable items.

Locations and Challenges

Since there are so many Korok seeds to find, it's important to have a general understanding of where they can be located. The game world of "Tears of the Kingdom" is filled with diverse and captivating environments, each housing its own set of challenges and secrets. Here are some common locations where players can find Korok seeds:

  • Forests and wooded areas
  • Mountains and cliffs
  • Lakes and rivers
  • Caves and underground passages
  • Islands and coastlines
Challenges and Puzzles

Discovering Korok seeds often involves solving puzzles or completing challenges unique to each location. These puzzles can vary in difficulty and may require players to manipulate the environment, utilize specific abilities, or interact with objects in creative ways. Some common puzzle types include:

  1. Matching patterns or shapes
  2. Completing mazes or obstacle courses
  3. Shooting targets with precision
  4. Revealing hidden passages or platforms
  5. Guiding objects or characters to their destination

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding Korok seeds in "Tears of the Kingdom":

  1. Q: Can I complete the game without collecting all the Korok seeds?

A: Yes, collecting all the Korok seeds is not necessary to complete the main storyline of the game. However, obtaining a significant number of seeds can greatly enhance your gameplay experience.

  1. Q: Are there any rewards for collecting all 900 Korok seeds?

A: While there is no specific in-game reward for collecting all 900 Korok seeds, players who manage to achieve this impressive feat will undoubtedly feel a sense of accomplishment and mastery over the game world.

  1. Q: Are there any hints or clues to help me find Korok seeds?

A: Yes, there are various hints and clues scattered throughout the game world. Pay close attention to your surroundings, interact with NPCs, and use your intuition to uncover the secrets of "Tears of the Kingdom."


In conclusion, "Tears of the Kingdom" offers players a vast and immersive world to explore, filled with 900 Korok seeds waiting to be discovered. These seeds serve as a valuable form of currency, allowing players to unlock essential upgrades and enhancements. By venturing into different environments, solving puzzles, and completing challenges, players can collect these Korok seeds and enhance their gameplay experience. So, embark on this exciting journey, and may you find every last Korok seed in "Tears of the Kingdom"!

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